Gunny G: Bloggin' BAD!

Citizen Blogger, Gunny G: Request Assistance of Real Americans To Become Citizen BloggersUSA! It’s lonesome out here.

It is the very least we can do.

The present “New Pamphleteers” Cannot Do It All Alone! We are too few and too far between. We are spread too thin for the situation that has grown to what it is at present, and it is growing still.
The cavalry ain’t coming folks. It’s you now or never. Don’t look for the other guy, he/she ain’t there.

Get On Board right now while there is still an Internet to defend and to get the word out to We The People!

Get a free blog (like this one), or a site, forum, whatever–call it what you will.

Go To: (
for your free blog (etc.) and get blogging in minutes!

Don’t let ’em xxxx…

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