Marxist Utopia; the Ideology of the Democrat Party. Where is the American Dream of Success?

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Communist Party USA is America’s oldest and most influential Marxist-Leninist organization. It was founded in 1919 and its constitution was first published in 1987. The constitution states the Communist Party USA is “the party of and for the U.S. working class.”

It works to battle capitalism and the drive for maximum profits, because it believes the living standards of workers and the natural environment are under attack.[1].



From the Communist Party USA constitution;[2]

The Communist Party USA is the party of and for the U.S. working class, a class which is multiracial, multinational, and unites men and women, young and old, employed and unemployed, organized and unorganized, gay and straight, native-born and immigrant, urban and rural, and composed of workers who perform a large range of physical and mental labor—the vast majority of…

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