How anyone can believe that a slight increase in a trace gas – 0.039% – by volume

Watts Up With That?

This really is abuse of Hansen’s position at NASA, what next? Meanwhile China keeps building coal plants, where’s your letter to them Jim? Of course  China would tell Hansen to go suck rocks, and Hansen knows it, so he doesn’t try.  – Anthony

Guest post by Kirtland Griffin

James Hansen, Director of the Goddard Institute of Space Studies, copied me on a letter to the President of Slovenia and their National Assembly. Don’t ask, it’s a long story. But suffice it to say, I got copied.

Seems the Assembly and the President are deciding whether to build a lignite powered electrical generation plant. The actual discussion is financial support. Yes, I mean ONE PLANT. To read this letter, you’d think the destiny of the planet depended upon this one plant. News flash! …. IT DOESN’T!

So how does a US private citizen tell a foreign government not to build a…

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