Fellowship of the Minds

Friday is typically used by government and politicians to quietly dump a bombshell on which they do not want the media to shine its white-hot spotlight.

Yesterday is just such a Friday.

Obama issued an Executive Order of momentous implications. In the name of an undefined “national emergency” and the declared imperative to prepare Americans to “respond” to the “national defense needs” of the United States, the Obama administration seizes authority to the President (and the Executive Branch) to commandeer the production, use, and distribution of all resources in the country, public and private, including agricultural, energy, health, transportation, water, construction, and — just in case something is left out, the catch-all phrase — “all other materials, services, and facilities.”

Even more ominous are certain words that I’ve coloredneon green: “in peacetime” and in “non-emergency conditions.” In other words, Obama is claiming this extraordinary power and authority even…

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