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Think it’s about time to take our country back yet?

D.C. school officials are investigating 14 security breaches by students and teachers during last month’s standardized testing, after throwing out last year’s scores from three classrooms with “evidence or a strong suspicion of a test security violation.”

Amid heightened scrutiny of the chronically troubled school system’s large testing gains, the Office of the State Superintendent ordered an investigation into 18 classrooms with a suspicious number of incorrect answers erased and corrected in the 2010 testing.

While eight schools were charters, 10 belonged to D.C. Public Schools — as did all three of the tossed-out testing rooms.

“Two classrooms had possible testing irregularities and one classroom had a confirmed case of testing impropriety,” said Safiya Simmons, a spokeswoman for acting Chancellor Kaya Henderson.

School officials declined to say what transpired in the classrooms.  read more

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