The Madison St. Clair Record reported last week on an Illinois nursing home lawsuit that was filed against a negligent area nursing home. The suit is connected to the poor treatment and death of a Madison County resident.

The victim was a resident at the Virgil Calvert Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Blog readers will recognize the facility, which has a long history of providing poor care to seniors. For example, the nursing home was recently on a list of facilities that have not improved since being placed on a federal watch list as a “Special Focus Facility.” The East St. Louis home was one of only five locations in the entire state that earned this dubious distinction.

In this case, the victim developed bedsores and other skin breakdowns which ultimately caused necrotic tissue, ulcers, osteomyelitis, and breathing problems. Cumulatively, those problems led to the man’s death. These complications caused by bed sores are almost always preventable if close, appropriate care is given to a resident. Proper movement, positioning, and wound treatment is capable of eliminating pressure sore issues, but far too many residents still receive substandard care.  read more

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