n an effort to explain his refusal to protect the southern border of the United States from the torrent of illegal immigrants, drugs, and the spread of violence that has cost the lives of United States citizens, President Obama summoned “The Most Trusted Name in the News 2010,” Stoos Views’ own Hugh Betcha, for an exclusive interview in the Oval Office. Hugh, Chief of the International Desk of the Stoos Views worldwide media conglomerate, a man who walks with kings and princes (but unlike the President, bowing to none), caught a quick flight from Wynstone, South Dakota—where the air is clean, the crime rate low, the people vote red, and the centre still holds—and flew into Foggy Bottom. Ushered into the President’s office after a short ride in the Presidential limousine, Hugh settled down for a frank discussion with the President on the troublesome issue of illegal immigration and Arizona’s attempt to staunch the flow of illegals, drugs and violence that has plagued the state.

The President seemed to be a bit tense and out of sorts during the interview—which was atypical. Normally at ease with his drinking buddy and the winner of MSNBC’s Most Trusted Name in the News Award, 2010—Hugh Betcha—the President was uncharacteristically defensive.

“I Will Not Protect Our Borders And Neither Should You!” » Not Good News.

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