New York City’s Police Commissioner Ray Kelly addressed the New York Young Republican Club on Thursday. Two hundred and fifty members of the organization were in attendance and mainly peppered the commissioner with questions regarding the upcoming 9/11 terror trials that are to be staged in lower Manhattan.

When asked how the decision for the trials to be hosted in New York came about, Commisioner Kelly’s response produced gasps among audience members (h/t Loud Citizen).:

“We were not consulted,” Kelly said tersely of the decision. He stated that the trial “will raise the threat level of this city,” a threat that “will not fade any time soon.” And it affects more than lower Manhattan, we learned. “We will have to look at the entire city as a potential target.”

New York pols including: Senator Chuck Schumer (D – NY), New York’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg (I -R), Rep. Jerry Nadler (D – NY)and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D – NY) support the Obama administration‘s action to have the trials held in New York City.

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