Through our national petition opposing any amnesty plan, we expect to mobilize 1 million grassroots Americans who by signing our national petition stand for secured borders and strict enforcement of existing laws.
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About the Petition:
The push for amnesty is officially beginning on June 8, when
President Obama hosts a

closed door meeting (hidden from the American people) of
bi-partisan Congressional leaders at the White House to “start a
dialogue” about comprehensive immigration reform.

Pandering to the open border special interests, Obama promised
the Hispanic Caucus in late May that he would launch immigration
reform this year and seek to find ways to as he says “bring
illegal aliens out of the shadows and into the light of

Added to that is Obama’s strong support for giving illegals
access to taxpayer funded benefits—including healthcare
services, education, housing and jobs. Given the state of the
economy, adopting an open-boarder agenda will spark an invasion
of illegals that will decimate our nation—threatening our
sovereignty and way of life.