The sudden outbreak of this new instance of swine flu smacks of bio terrorism. Do you think this swine flu is a biological weapon?

My specialty in the U.S. Air Force was Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare (weapon) defense. Our enemies can take and engineer diseases and release them in unsuspecting populated areas to wreak death and destruction. While the United States works on developing smart bombs that are smaller and more precise and limit collateral damage it is an undeniable fact that those who would do us harm are seeking to develop and obtain weapons that kill as many people as quickly and as easily as possible.

And, in that endeavor, they are succeeding.

Suddenly, the H1N1 swine flu appears in both Mexico City and New York City (two of the most populated cities in the world), far from swine. This virus strain is reportedly unlike any other disease, and contains strains of human flu, bird/avian flu, and swine flu. It’s apparently spreading from human to human (the bird flu never achieved that, only from birds to human). It’s a lethal disease. There is no vaccine for this.

This is scary stuff and we need to pay attention to what happens next.